Velo the Lake 2012

9/13 — And a Bag of Ice

September 13, 2012

I’m sitting by a lovely campfire at Gooseberry Falls State Park, with a bag of ice on my right knee, and a heart that is content. Today’s ride, 40 miles from downtown Duluth to Gooseberry, transported me away from the hectic madness of work and preparation and time schedules to a place of wood smoke, fresh air, and starry night. The ride was easy, with a 40-mile-long “magic cow” tailwind chasing me along the Lake. I could not ask for more.

Six months ago I tipped the scale at 198 pounds. This morning, with The Ride before me, but its months of grinding preparation behind, I weighed in at 165. The 17 Day Diet and 2930 miles on the bike had done their job. Tomorrow, it will be time to do mine. Tonight, it is Filet Mignon, a warm fire, my sweetheart, and bag of ice.

The optimistic bicyclist about to embark from Endion Station…
Flood Bay State Wayside just north of Two Harbors
Looking back from the first tunnel on HWY 61
 Our first night’s campsite — Gooseberry Falls campground

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