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Mister Fish

You washed up on the beach one night and saw that there was more to life…
Mister Fish
Diane Soden-Groves — Vocals, keyboard, percussion
Timothy Soden-Groves — Vocals, guitar, percussion

Mister Fish, you’re a dish and a dream to every solo mother
Hangin’ round, cruisin’ town, looking for her perfect lover.
She’s going fishing tonight
In the silver moonlight
I hope you’re feeling alright, Mister Fish.

Mister Fish, make a wish on that star there with your name on it
Written by some guy that died when he tried to pen the perfect sonnet.
He’s going fishing tonight
In your falling star light
I hope you’re well out of sight, Mister Fish.

          You washed up on the beach one night
And saw that there was more to life
Now you’re selling seashells for a song, Mister Fish.

Mister Fish, what’s the hitch, why don’t you just go to her?
She hooked your heart, that’s the start, she’s your solitary cure.
You’re going fishing tonight
In the rising love light
It’s gonna be alright, Mister Fish.

"White Pine" words and Music by Timothy Soden-Groves, hereby donated to the Public Domain. No Rights Reserved.
"Just Like in Your Town" video by Diane and Timothy Soden-Groves, also hereby donated to the Public Domain. No Rights Reserved. Power to the hearts of the people!

6 comments on “Mister Fish

  1. This is sweet.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, Michelle. Even though this song was written more than 15 years ago when Diane and I first met, it still has a real warmth for us, and we still love to sit around the kitchen table and play “Mister Fish.” But now, we really like playing it with two ukuleles, and hope to have a video of us doing just that before too long…


  2. Brian Landstrom

    One might say a little fishy but then not everyone swims with the current! Nice song Tim & Diane and thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, Brian. You’ve known us for a pretty long time, and can probably still remember the days when Mister Fish was searching the seven seas for that special “Mrs. Fish.” We love to reminisce about those days, and sing about them, too!


  3. Sweet! Played this for my special person that I work with. She smiled & noding her head in time with music asked “is he playing a and With her hands strumed a guitar. Thanks guys. You touched a special persons life this morning.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, Franny. I’m so glad that you were able to share this song with your special person. If she got a smile out of it, then everything I have hoped for from music is well-accomplished. Thanks for letting me know, Franny!


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