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Just Like in Your Town

"Do we buy our material lives at the cost of what was free?"

“Just Like in Your Town ” is our new video featuring our original environmental anthem about the 1996 proposed White Pine, Michigan acid solution copper mine. Written in the late ‘90’s, “White Pine” still captures the tension between the modern American lifestyle and our long-term need to live sustainably. As Water Protectors, their friends and allies continue the fight to protect our own St. Louis River from multinational copper mining interests the song still seems as timely as ever.
Having played “White Pine” hundreds of times, the song’s emotional impact on me is not always what it once was, but putting it together with imagery of the river and land that we love so much for this video really hit me in a new way.

"White Pine" words and Music by Timothy Soden-Groves, hereby donated to the Public Domain. No Rights Reserved.
"Just Like in Your Town" video by Diane and Timothy Soden-Groves, also hereby donated to the Public Domain. No Rights Reserved. Power to the hearts of the people!

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