Song From the North Country: Campfire Song

"Come a little closer to the warmth and the light. Step into the circle, push back the night." ~ Songwriter Mothy Groves

From deep in our human experience — times more ancient than history — people have shared warmth, safety and community around the campfire. Now, as the isolation of the pandemic winds down, we feel a need to once more build our fire. So, we light the flame and sing out a call for all to step into the circle — to push back the night and learn again that which is to be cherished.

Musicians in order of appearance:
Shane Nelson
Leslie Black
Mike Monson
Brian Stelmaszewski
Katie Magoo
Kim Curtis-Monson
Paul Jones
Diane Soden-Groves
Timothy Soden-Groves
Arlene Anderson
Nitaa-Nagamokwe, Lyz Jaakola
Kelly Smith
Carl Zoretich

Produced by Timothy Soden-Groves
Associate Producer Leslie Black
Campfire Song written by Mothy Groves
One Love written by Bob Marley

Many thanks to the friends and family members who inspire us, hold cameras and sit at the campfire by our side. You are the music.


Through this present darkness may your campfire always shine brightly. Please consider a generous gift to these trustworthy world relief organizations:
Doctors Without Borders —
World Food Programme —

In this way the warmth and light of your fire will be shared with those in great need.

~ The musicians of Song From the North Country

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