Velo the Lake 2012

9/19 — A Tough Day

September 19, 2012

It was a long day on the Trans-Canada Highway today, with a brisk headwind and Big Hills fighting me all the way. The 87 miles from Agawa Bay to Sault Ste. Marie were the most grinding miles I have faced so far. Fortunately, the day started and ended much, much better.

Today is Diane’s birthday, so I treated her to a breakfast of scrambled eggs with salsa and Greek Yogurt. (No, really, the Greek Yogurt tastes like sour cream if you squint and use your imagination!) After the way she has been waiting on me hand and foot during this ride, I thought it would be nice to let her experience for five minutes what she has done for me for the last six days. I owe her BIG TIME! Needless to say, she spent some quality time with the credit card today in my bicycle riding absence.

As I mentioned, the ride was a major grind, but now here we are sitting in Sacy’s Restaurant at the Bay Mills Resort and Casino. I rode 106 miles today, 100 against the wind – The last six were a “with-the-wind-for-good-behavior” bonus, so I gladly accepted the easy six. I was more than ready for the break, being in and out of cold rain showers all day. But now, having visited the buffet several times, and having had TWO bottles of Guinness (Oh my, Timothy), the world is looking rosy once again.

I apologize for the brevity of this post, but my Birthday Girl awaits, and as I mentioned, I owe her BIG Time…

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