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the beacon

But now, though my tent is small and its fabric strains to tear... there is refuge here

the beacon

Find in me a refuge
from this raging howl that strips the soul,
leaving only the bare and final remnant
of our humanity
so fragile.

I am a refugee
cast upon this land of promise
beyond material measure,
to pass a torch through this same dark storm
into a more perfect union.

But now, though my tent is small
and its fabric strains to tear,
I beg you please come in
for there is refuge here, my heart is fierce
and together we shall sing the light.

Revised 2/8/2020 – Mothy Groves

3 comments on “the beacon

  1. Sandy Olin

    Wow! I love it! Is this a new writing?

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    • Yes. There is a meeting at a local community college tonight, organized by people opposed to housing immigrants in our county. I felt that I needed to have a response to this and, thinking about both Emma Lazurus’ poem “The Colossus” and also of Matthew 25:35-40, this is the response i needed to write.


  2. I needed that today. ❤️

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